Un-Tie the Sales Team-Combine Sales Acceleration Software with Marketing Automation

Using Sales Acceleration Tools for Small Business

In the world of SMB (small-to-medium-sized businesses), your sales team is a driving force behind your business. You depend on your sales team to generate new leads, close deals, and ensure that the buyer journey runs as smoothly as possible.

However, it’s no secret that a typical sales team wears many hats. The day-to-day duties of your sales team can take its toll and make the sales process move at a snail’s pace. When you’re an SMB who is trying to increase sales acceleration and boost profits, too many responsibilities on your sales team can be a big step back. Unfortunately, this can have a direct impact on productivity and sales performance, leaving your overall profit with more to be desired.

The Importance of Moving Quickly in the World of Sales and MarketingSALESACCELERATION366

Sales acceleration and smart marketing is more important than ever before in 2016. Consumers make decisions on the fly, and many consumers are already educated about your product before ever they shake hands with your sales team. In fact, 81% of online shoppers research your product or service before buying. This means that your sales team needs to be prepared and move quickly and strategically in order to close the sale.

Furthermore, the sales funnel is simply no longer as effective as it was in the past. The truth is that the sales funnel is not a linear process—customers jump from different sections of the funnel at an unpredictable rate, and relying on outdated sales funnel sales technique isn’t doing your company any favors. In 2016, businesses need to focus on the overall buyer journey and understand that the process doesn’t necessarily flow from one logical point to another.

Not only is customer education and decision making occurring at a faster rate, savvy competitors are doing everything in their power to stay ahead of the game. They’re using advanced CRM technology and marketing automation in order to get ahead of your own efforts.

In order to improve your sales automation, you’ll need to use marketing automation and CRM to pinpoint prospects and score more sales. However, the sales team and your marketing department should work together cohesively in order to accomplish the goals of your company—and this can be accomplished by using innovative marketing automation.

How Can Marketing Automation Enhance Sales Acceleration?

Many businesses view their marketing and sales department as separate entities that occasionally connect with one another. The truth is that your marketing and sales department should complement each other and work together as closely as possible. This can be difficult to achieve, since many businesses use separate software for data tracking within each department.

The key to successful sales acceleration is keeping your sales and marketing department in sync with one another, and marketing automation can make the two connect.

Filling the Pipeline with Prospect Data (Quickly and Efficiently)

One of the downsides to using outdated CRM technology is the disconnect between the marketing and sales departments. Furthermore, SMBs waste countless hours per year attempting to locate prospects and future leads to fill the pipeline. Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to collect the prospect data you need with tools such as Datanyze.

366 Degrees, a sales acceleration software

366 Degrees offers seamless Datanyze integration into our platform. Furthermore, 366 Degrees also offers Nimble integration and Salesforce integration through in order to enhance the buyer journey as well as your company’s sales acceleration.

Once your sales and marketing departments have access to the same data, you can efficiently contact prospects and follow up with leads quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that the faster you respond to a lead, the better chance that you have at scoring a sale. If your sales team can answer sales leads in a minute or less, the chance of converting that lead will double.

Sales Acceleration Software for Small Businesses by OMI

366 Degrees is a state-of-the-art marketing and sales automation tool that helps companies increase sales acceleration and boost profit. It’s created for the SMB market and it’s engineered to integrate with tools such as Nimble and Salesforce. Be sure to check out Appexchange by Salesforce for even more solutions to help grow your small business.

Here at OMI, we provide sales acceleration software implementation services for our clients. From initial planning to custom application development and ongoing support, OMI can become your strategic partner in gaining a competitive edge and enhancing your sales workflow.

For more information on how 366 Degrees can acceleration your sales process, contact us today.

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