OMNI-Channel Marketing Analytics Make Data Integration a Priority

Data Integration is Essential for OMNI-Channel Marketing

For businesses today, engaging with customers across multiple channels is a competitive imperative. But the challenge is effectively integrating customer data into thoughtful strategies and actions that get real results. Despite having a wealth of data at their fingertips, studies find that many organizations struggle to leverage customer information effectively across multiple marketing channels. This lack of integration can erode financial performance as the competitive landscape continues to evolve.

And as new technologies emerge, so do the business opportunities. Today with the rise of Big Data tools, your business can utilize OMNI-channel marketing analytics to gain instant real-time insights into customer’s behaviour. But it all possibble only with a propper customer data integration.

Overcoming the Multi-Channel Challenge

A recent study conducted by Forrester surveyed nearly 300 financial service companies and found that almost half said that they are not effective at leveraging customer data in OMNI channel campaigns. As a result, executives fear that their lack of understanding of customer behavior is leading to a tremendous gap in delivering multi-channel customer experiences.  Financial institutions are not the only organizations that are turning their attention to managing customer experience. New data from Forrester reveals it as a top priority across all major industries.

So, naturally, companies all around the world has turned their attention to establishing marketing data integration in order to gain real-time data and adjust buisness strategy accordingly.


Marketing ROI is increased when organizations integrate several marketing technologies across multiple channels and understand their impact on one another. Research conducted by indicates that a typical consumer will use up to five different channels to discover and evaluate a new product or service. Most check the company website, search online reviews, and visit social media in addition to traditional advice from family and friends. As a result, multichannel marketing can improve campaign results in the neighborhood of 300% to 650% over traditional campaigns.

Remove the Barriers

The good news is that Cloud-based Customer Communications Management tools like 366° Degrees℠ by OMI provide a single platform to manage all of your customer communications no matter what form they take.  We remove the barriers to OMNI-channel customer data integration.

Leveraging customer data is and much easier and more profitable as a result. You can easily do things like message personalization, target segmentation and in-depth campaign analytics. Easily reach across communication channels in social media, mobile and online formats and then quickly analyze the effectiveness of those social connections. The fundamental benefit is the ability to enable more strategic and thoughtful activity behind how your company engages with customers on an ongoing basis.

With OMNI-channel marketing analytics your business will be able to gain a better view of your entire operation. Moreover, with real-time access to OMNI-channel data, you can launch highly targeted marketing campaigns as well as improve customer expereience for existing cleints.

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