How Financial Institutions Can Build Powerful Online Sales Funnels

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In our technology-focused world, more and more customers are making financial decisions based on the information they find online, rather than visiting local branches or relying on traditional marketing channels such as television. In order to stay relevant and compete with the rise of services like Mint, Turbotax, and online-only banks, it is crucial that credit unions and other financial institutions invest in automated, online sales funnels for customer acquisition, retention, and overall engagement.

However, without a central location to manage it all, building out an automated online sales funnel can be an exercise in frustration. Between building landing pages, configuring your payment processing, capturing email leads and creating autoresponder sequences to communicate with your audience regularly, there’s plenty to be done. 366 Degrees by OMI is here to help, with powerful marketing automation software that allows you to keep every step of your sales process connected and organized.

Best Practices366 Degrees

As you refine your online marketing strategy, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Create Customized Landing Pages tailored to different audiences you’re targeting. This will allow you to appeal to the specific pain points their industry faces, and highlight how your offerings provide an ideal solution. In addition, this will also aid in producing targeted advertising, and building lists that are segmented by industry from the beginning without needing to ask users to fill out any additional information. All of this will increase your conversion rates, resulting in a better return on investment.

Email Autoresponder Sequences provide a fantastic way to automate customer onboarding by having a series of emails sent to new customers over the course of several days or weeks that educate them on your offerings, without the effort of sending out manual emails or having a customer service representative reach out personally. In addition, email marketing is the ideal medium to keep customers engaged over time, delivering valuable content that will build brand loyalty and boost customer retention.

Integrate Marketing and Sales Efforts to achieve greater results. By integrating your lead generation efforts and customer relationship management (CRM) systems like , you can create a marketing machine that continuously turns cold traffic into warm leads, and serves them up to your sales team, ready to be sold.

Utilize Video for Brand Engagement and Enrichment

According to Adobe, prospects who view video content are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers, and 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as their highest ROI content. Furthermore, Syndacast predicts that 74% of all internet traffic will be video streaming in 2017. However, even with all this data, the financial services industry is lagging in terms of producing high-quality video content.

By investing in video marketing now, you can get ahead of the curve, differentiate yourself from the competition, and reap the rewards of high conversion rates and improved customer engagement.

Here at OMI, we’ve teamed up with Vidyard to provide world-class video tools in conjunction with our 366 Degrees marketing automation platform to help you seamlessly integrate this powerful content into your sales funnel.

Client Onboarding and Cross-Selling
With the powerful software available from 366 degrees, it’s possible to build custom landing pages for each traffic source, allowing you to more easily test and see significant improvements in your conversion rate from traffic to leads. This can then lead into a customized email autoresponder sequence that will introduce these prospects to your brand and offerings.

From there, you can move customers through further stages of engagement, allowing you to build in upsells and cross-selling automatically, so customers are presented with relevant offers just in time, increasing their satisfaction and growing your bottom line.

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