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Everyone loves receiving gifts.

Very often companies would want to show their appreciation for top clients during a holiday season or after reaching a milestone in business relationships. But what should you send them and how? After all, you don’t want a gift to be trivial and appear thoughtless or uncaring. And at the same time, you want to maintain a professional attitude.


When it comes to gifts, the thoughtfulness counts more than anything else. That is why, just like in any form of marketing, personalization goes a long way. Nobody pays any attention to a simple card that just says “Happy New Year”. However, if you would go a step further and put “Happy New Year to <Name of the client/company>” and put a logo or meaningful picture, it immediately shows that this is a one of a kind card and you are a caring partner that never forgets its clients.

Or if you want to include a named mug with a partner’s logo. Please don’t just strap your corporate logo on the personal everyday gifts like mugs. It makes it look like you’ve just sent remaining merchandise from your office supplies that nobody wanted in the first place. Your logo on a card is fine, but there are a time and place for everything and you should be careful with that. Because over-promoting yourself can hurt business.

But here’s a problem, making personalized cards or mugs is incredibly time-consuming. Or is it?

Rocket Notes Cards & Gifts for the Salesforce Platform

Imagine if you, as a salesperson, could exit a successful meeting with a customer and just send him or her a nice personal gift card, and add to that a box of chocolates. Wouldn’t that be great?

With the latest API from OMI, you are able to send all of the gifts available in Rocket Notes right from your Salesforce CRM. All you need to do is select a contact or lead in the interface, select a gift and attach a gift card. You can create a fully custom design or choose from premade options.

The idea behind Rocket notes is to provide your company’s account managers, sales reps and customer service department with an easy and quick way to send out gifts to customers, leads and co-workers, right from the CRM account. It also allows you to build an entire campaign and send out gifts to a selected list of customers.

The application allows you to choose from a dozen different fonts, including a handwriting style to add the personal feel to it. Add a client’s or your own corporate logo to the back of a card at no additional cost. You can also use fully custom images, Rocket notes are fully white label service, so you don’t have to worry about third-party branding and simply create one-of-a-kind personalized gifts for your clients.

Meaningful & Memorable Gifts

Want to send something a bit more than just a card. Rocket Notes has 1,000’s of promotional products that again can be purchased in your CRM interface and sent out on demand. From classic personal-mugs and stainless bottles to golf balls with logo and text. Or you can simply attach an Amazon gift card. Although it might seem a bit unimaginative, nowadays everyone buys something on Amazon, so it might be not the most original, but it surely among the most useful gifts you can choose.


All of the cards created in Rocket Notes go out the next day. When sending a gift through Rocket Notes, the application takes addresses from the CRM, which significantly cuts time and eliminates most tedious manual data entry. Moreover, if the addresses in Salesforce are incomplete or missing, the system will automatically stop the process, safeguarding shipping.


You can view all of your campaigns and individual customer gifts in Rocket Notes reports that update automatically inside Salesforce. You will see the type of gifts sent the quantity as well as recipients details. The up-to-date visibility lets you evaluate the effectiveness of gift-campaigns on their own or as part of your sales funnel and marketing journey.

Salesforce1 Mobility

Furthermore, with the latest API, you will be able to create and personalize these gifts from your mobile device. With Salesforce1 mobile application the entire capability of Rocket Notes will be right on your smartphone, allowing you to send out personalized gifts for your customers on the fly.

We Build Successful Products & Services for the Salesforce Platform

At OMI we are highly excited about opportunities that Rocket Notes can bring to the Salesforce CRM. The API-based platform can be used in numerous ways to give your sales reps additional tools to better connect with customers and leads or as an employee incentive.

If your business is interested in implementing Salesforce CRM together with Rocket Notes, you can always contact us at OMI. As a long-time Salesforce partner, we specialize in customization and integration services for the world’s #1 CRM system.

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