How Service Cloud Einstein Features Improve Customer Satisfaction

Service Cloud Einstein Overview, Features, Pricing by OMI

Customer service is a crucial factor in the success of a business’s brand. Whatever your line of trade, you want to be able to efficiently respond to customer inquiries, deal with any issues that may arise to the satisfaction of the client, and do all of this with a tone and efficiency that reflects positively on your brand.


In this article, we take a look at the Salesforce Einstein solution that helps you achieve just that.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein?

Service Cloud Einstein is a customer service solution that is part of the Salesforce platform. Like the other Einstein Solutions, it also uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver a suite of tools and features that are meant to help businesses bring ease and efficiency to customer service operations, with the end goal of delivering top-class customer experience with much less effort and resources.

Benefits of Service Cloud Einstein

Strategic Insights

In addition to providing data about your individual clients, the platform also gives you the information necessary for a well-rounded overview of your customer service staff’s activities. The platform produces reports on things like your service personnel’s average response times, customer satisfaction scores, and other statistics that enable you to identify areas for improvement, set KPIs, and track your progress towards meeting those goals.

Enables Personalized Service

Interactions with customers, whether it’s by email, on social media, or other channels, are recorded to enable seamless responses whenever clients need help. Thanks to the data that Service Cloud Einstein produces, your service team members, whenever they interact with customers, are already equipped with all the necessary information – case history, trends, and other details – to help customers quicker, without having to ask for contextual information. It also enables you to interact with your customers using their preferred channel of communication.

Enables Customers To Find Answers On Their Own

Some clients prefer to do their own research than to interact with a staff member. Using Service Cloud Einstein’s ability to build communities and knowledge bases, you can give your client base the power to find their own solutions, and also alleviate the number of requests that your team needs to handle. This also helps you sift out trivial tasks that reach your service team, freeing them to deal with the most pressing matters.

Streamline Your Customer Service Team’s Operations

Service Cloud Einstein helps you prioritize cases, send the right employees to deal with them, schedule appointments quickly and efficiently, and identify the best-performing staff so that they can train their peers. The platform takes the complication out of choreographing your teams so as to balance workloads, and set them up to function in an optimal way.

Service Cloud Einstein Features

Einstein Bots

Businesses can take advantage of this feature to automate client interaction tasks, including responding to common customer questions and processing customer requests. They work with existing message and chat channels and use natural language processing to handle inquiries without human assistance. They can also collate information in preparation for customer requests. 

Einstein Case Classification

Using existing case management performed by service agents, Einstein can use closed cases as training data in its algorithms and forecast field values when presented with new scenarios. This enables it to automatically categorize cases based on their content and history, allowing staff to obtain the correct information to fix client concerns quickly and effectively.

Einstein Next Best Action

This capability acts as an assistant to your service agents, providing the agent with recommendations for the next best steps to take with a certain customer in a given circumstance, for example, making a special offer, or apologizing for an issue and informing them of corrective action taken.

Einstein Case Wrap-Up

Einstein Case Wrap-Up is designed to save customer support staff time and effort when they are closing cases, by proposing field values based on previous case summaries.

Einstein Case Routing

This feature automatically routes customer service cases to the best-suited rep based on case classification, and the agent’s skills and workload.

Einstein Article Recommendations

This feature suggests the most relevant knowledge articles to resolve customer issues. Einstein’s AI can learn which articles were effective in solving past cases, rate them, and suggest them as options depending on their relevance to a new case. The agent can suggest changes to the articles or attach others, reinforcing Einstein’s learning with these subsequent actions.

Einstein Reply Recommendations

When a customer asks a question, Einstein suggests various replies so that the support agent merely has to select the most acceptable one, amending it before sending if needed. Einstein does this by studying previous interactions and the relevant responses, saving agents the time and effort of searching through past conversations or writing new responses from scratch. The result is personalized, prompt service that enhances the customer experience. Einstein Reply Recommendations continuously learns from each interaction to provide even more accurate recommendations.

Einstein Conversation Mining

Service Cloud Einstein’s conversation mining feature is designed to enable organizations to quickly identify patterns in customer inquiries and feedback, revealing information about customer sentiment, and enabling them to understand how their customers feel about their products, services, and overall support experience.

Einstein Prediction Builder

This feature allows enterprises to create predictive models that can assist them in harnessing their data to create predictive solutions, all without the need to write code. Companies can, for instance, use historical data to anticipate which cases will be settled within a certain time limit, making prioritization easy. The tool can also predict which consumers are likely to need help, allowing firms to be proactive in providing support.

Service Analytics

Service Analytics is a reporting tool that offers real-time access to important data such as case volume, case resolution times, and agent performance, revealing areas for improvement, optimization, and generating better customer experiences.

Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein Pricing

The solution’s price is based on a subscription model, with costs determined by service level and number of users. To add Einstein AI & Analytics to Service Cloud, expect to spend $50 USD per user per month, payable yearly.


Service Cloud Einstein is a comprehensive platform developed to assist businesses in improving the customer support experience with faster and more efficient service. To get the most out of the platform, bring on board a Salesforce integration service provider that can help you understand your needs and design the platform to match them. OMI can partner with you to achieve rapid business acceleration with a range of solutions that cover every stage of the CRM deployment life-cycle, from initial analysis, configuring and adapting the platform to match your organization’s requirements, custom development if necessary, to maintenance and end-user training.


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