How Salesforce Managed Services Can Help Your Business Grow


Salesforce managed services allow businesses to avoid many Salesforce-related issues with the help of proficient implementation, proactive maintenance and strong security, just to name a few. And although from our experience, not every business is eager to trust an outside team, the Salesforce managed services benefits are too many to ignore.


In this article, we’re not going to claim that Salesforce managed services are better than internal specialists in every case, but we will give you many good reasons to think that they will definitely make your business more profitable, innovative and flexible. 

Understanding Salesforce Managed Services

In essence, Salesforce managed services is a method of outsourcing whereby a number of important Salesforce-related tasks are delegated to an outside team of experts, commonly referred to as a managed services provider, or an MSP for short. According to this model, an MSP takes charge of one or multiple tasks such as Salesforce consulting, implementation, product development, automation, integration and administration. 


As we’ve already stated in our “managed services vs. in-house team” conversation, the former is often considered to be the better choice, because of how superior it proves to be in terms of expertise, experience, and costs. Not to mention, for SMBs a Salesforce managed services team means getting the most expert know-how that wouldn’t otherwise come from within. And as for big corporations, the MSP would typically oversee numerous user groups, integrate  different complex systems, and ensure efficient data flow across the company.

The Role Of Salesforce Managed Services In Business Growth

What an experienced Salesforce managed services team brings to their clients can be broken down into the following aspects:



  • Vast knowledge of Salesforce capabilities and nuances
  • Expertise in custom Salesforce solutions
  • Professional handling of Salesforce updates
  • Great Salesforce license management

Knowledge of Salesforce capabilities

Managed services providers know more about all the ins and outs of Salesforce than even its most experienced users. And they apply this knowledge to make the most out of the platform to fit the specific requirements of your company. This might entail, among other things, linking data sources to get a full view of client interactions, building features that are tailor suited to your processes, and establishing smart workflows that support them. 

Expertise in custom Salesforce solutions

Managed services providers also tend to have great experience in building customized solutions to streamline your operations even more. For example, they could create specialized programmes to automate tedious approval procedures or visualize vital customer data. This enables Salesforce to cater for your business’ special needs even when the core product is lacking in some department.

Salesforce update management

It’s critical that businesses keep their Salesforce platform up to date, with new strong features and security precautions continually being added to the environment. Fortunately, managed service providers can help with that as well. They carry out tests, analyze the effects of each update on your configuration, and apply needed modifications as efficiently as possible. 

Salesforce license management

Finally, managed services companies are excellent at handling Salesforce licenses. They evaluate user roles, pair them with the appropriate license types, and modify allocations as your company grows. This tactic stops overspending on features that aren’t used and ensures that your team has access only to the resources they really need at any given time.

Advantages Of Salesforce Managed Services For Business Growth

The major Salesforce managed services benefits can be summed up as the following: 



  • Efficient Implementation
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Great Product Scalability
  • Strong Data Security
  • Advanced Team Training
  • Considerable Return On Investment
  • Solid Disaster Recovery Measures 

Now let’s break those down and see how exactly they help your business grow. 

Efficient Implementation

Managed services providers will work closely with your team and carry out in-depth analyses of your current procedures to then perform seamless implementation of the Salesforce platform. They will have the know-how that will allow them to do it as quickly as efficiently as possible, taking every minute detail into account, saving the clients a lot of money in operational costs. They will give your employees the tools they need to adopt the new system with ease through customized setup and thorough user training. As a result, the learning curve gets reduced and improvements in productivity happen quicker.

Advanced Team Training

Managed services companies go beyond providing the bare minimum in user training. They go above and beyond by offering knowledge on cutting-edge features and best practices. Your team will be able to fully use Salesforce’s features as a result, making wise decisions and streamlining procedures. Additionally, Managed Services companies give committed user assistance, responding quickly to questions and issues. This prompt help ensures efficient operations, enabling your staff to remain committed to development objectives.

Considerable Return On Investment

As a rule, partnering with a managed services provider gives a more affordable option than setting up an internal Salesforce staff. The outside team’s specialized skill set eliminates the need for big training and recruitment efforts that would otherwise be necessary. Additionally, they will analyze your license consumption and reallocate licenses to correspond with changing user responsibilities – which also reduces costs and increases ROI. 

Proactive Maintenance

Managed services providers also identify possible problems, irregularities, or performance glitches through proactive monitoring before those start affecting your business operations. Their proactive strategy will minimize disruptions and ensure uninterrupted user experience, which is good for productivity. Your staff will be able to stay laser-focused on tasks as managed services providers prevent downtime in its tracks and respond to issues in real time.

Great Product Scalability

As you continue working with a Salesforce managed services provider, they will get deeper and deeper understanding of your growth objectives, difficulties, and long-term ambitions. With that, they adapt Salesforce to create particular processes, automations, and integrations in line with those objectives and with how your business grows. 

Strong Data Security

Managed service providers usually have strong security measures in place to protect your sensitive information – data encryption and user authentication are just a few examples of that. They also make sure your Salesforce setup satisfies all relevant compliance criteria by remaining up to speed with industry regulations like GDPR or HIPAA. 

Solid Disaster Recovery Measures

Lastly, companies that offer managed services are able to create detailed business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. These strategies describe how your Salesforce system will handle unanticipated setbacks while preserving data accessibility and integrity. That can be very handy as having backup plans in place ensures that your business growth continues even in the event of an emergency.

Why Choose OMI’s Salesforce Managed Services?

The OMI team has been at the forefront of software implementation and business intelligence for more than two decades now, being founded in 1999. Even before Salesforce was introduced, our team had already made our reputation as one of the top mid-market consulting firms in the US. 


And with the Salesforce launch, we took all of our experience and used it to become some of the best Salesforce managed services teams as well (you can learn more about our value proposition here). We’re an official Salesforce partner and our team members are certified, seasoned, well-trained professionals that have made possible many success stories. 


And on top of our know-how, we also know how to be your people. We’ve always taken pride in our communication and how efficiently we deal with potential issues and problematic situations together with our clients. Don’t believe us? Get in touch with us and see for yourself! 

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