Using Einstein Analytics Features for Better Data Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Features & Pricing by OMI

In business, data is everything. it will tell you how well your business is doing, how efficiently operations are running, how happy your customers are, and practically anything that is related to the health of your enterprise. Its importance cannot be overstated. 


By extension, the tools you use to display and manage this data play just as important a role. Finding ways to improve the way you handle this aspect of your operations could prove to be the difference between you and the competition.


In this article, we take a look at Salesforce Einstein Analytics. A data analytics platform in the cloud – a part of Salesforce Eistein AI that is meant to specifically address this challenge.

What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

This is a tool within the Salesforce platform that gives businesses the ability to work with data more easily and get more out of it. In other words, it is a platform that transforms data into actionable insights. Teams in different departments can explore, visualize, and analyze their data, generate reports, dashboards, and take advantage of other data-driven tools to help them make educated decisions.

Is Einstein Analytics the Right Tool for You?

One would be hard pressed to find an organization that would not benefit from better data visualization and more insights – benefits which this solution delivers. The solution is a good fit for businesses of different sizes, from large enterprises to small businesses.


Ultimately, whether this is the right tool for you comes down to your specific scenario – your staff, operational needs, and technical setup. The platform is meant to be easy to use, so that even the non-technical can feel at home working with it.


Let’s take a look at a few details to give you a better feel for what this solution is all about.

How Does Einstein Analytics Work?

The platform generates dashboards and insights by communicating directly with CRM data. It is flexible enough to work with other CRMs, not just Salesforce. 


It analyzes CRM data using AI and ML algorithms to discover patterns and relationships. It generates insights and forecasts future outcomes automatically, and also allows users to make custom reports and dashboards to view their data. 


The insights that are produced are meant to provide users with easy visualization of business prospects and possible areas of growth.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Key Features

Salesforce Einstein Discovery

This is a tool that adds statistical modeling and supervised machine learning to your business analytics in a no-code environment. It makes data quality recommendations and delivers forecasts and recommendations in a business setting.


The tool can examine millions of rows and columns of data to determine which columns are most relevant to the outcome you wish to improve. It works with data from Salesforce and other sources. 


You start by picking a business problem to tackle, and then identify and visualize the related business data insights. You then use them to predict future outcomes and recommend improvements to your workflows.

Einstein Discovery Text Clustering

This feature uses machine learning (ML) models to identify keywords in large text fields in order to quickly deliver actionable intelligence.

Einstein Discovery Bias Detection

Biased data skews your results. Using this tool, you can nullify the impact of biased data on your analyses and forecasts. The feature removes bias variable by variable. This makes it unnecessary to retrain an entire model. 

Benefits of Einstein Analytics

This platform offers powerful capabilities that businesses can benefit from, including the following:

  • Prebuilt apps that let you visualize statistics and automate operations
  • The ability to automatically analyze millions of rows of data and produce predictive analytics
  • Consolidation of the business information on a single screen
  • The ability to view insights on mobile devices as well 
  • The ability to visualize information from a range of sources, not just Salesforce 


The broader benefits that extend from these capabilities include:

Improved decision-making

Functionality that enables businesses to examine their data for patterns and relationships also gives them the ability to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

Increased efficiency

By taking advantage of the automation tools that the platform provides, businesses can automate a number of tasks in the data analysis process – especially in data preparation, giving staff the freedom to focus on more strategic tasks.

Access to all data in one place

Thanks to Einstein Analytics’ ability to integrate with the Salesforce platform, or indeed other CRMs and data sources, users find it much easier to access information that matters to them in a single location to support their decision-making

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Pricing

The final cost will vary according to the capabilities required and the size of your firm. Pricing options range from simple to advanced, allowing you to choose the ideal one for you.


Pricing is for each user, per month, billed annually. Options include the following:


  • Einstein Predictions, which offers automated discovery and predictive insights costs $75
  • CRM Analytics Growth, a comprehensive analytics platform that covers all of your data, will set you back $125
  • CRM Analytics Plus, with built-in AI, costs $150
  • Revenue Intelligence, the complete solution for sales organizations with Analytics Studio, Data Platform, Einstein Discovery, Einstein Discovery for Reports, and Revenue Insights, costs $200

Making the Most of Einstein Analytics

Working with a Salesforce integration services provider will assist you in getting the most out of the platform and ensuring that you are using it to its full potential.


The OMI team specializes in Salesforce deployment and will provide your company with a low-cost solution that increases employee efficiency and customer happiness. 


Customer feedback is reflected in implementation services. OMI’s software professionals fine-tune the process throughout to produce the best results for your specific organization, and continuously improve the system to better meet your needs.


Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a robust data analytics platform that enables businesses to transform data into actionable insights and make better decisions. It is designed to be simple to use, allowing even non-technical people to get up and running quickly. It interfaces with the Salesforce platform as well as others. With its AI and ML algorithms, the platform gives customers the tools they need to examine data, uncover patterns and identify relationships, helping users make informed decisions and achieve their goals. Salesforce Einstein Analytics is absolutely worth investigating if you want to improve your decision-making and reach your goals, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.


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