It’s Time to Put Your Head (and your Business) in the Cloud

Experts tell us that 2014 will be a defining year for business and that technology evolution will be driven by the cloud. In the past year or two excitement for the cloud has been on the rise, and now it seems that the thunderhead is beginning to blow into large scale production. Industry-leading brands like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Amazon and Microsoft are all rushing to adapt to the new model; not just running development and testing, but truly moving to production in the cloud.

Big Cloud Opportunities

Source IHS Global Spending Cloud

Investment in the cloud is booming as a result. Research from IHS Technology predicts that spending on cloud infrastructure and services will rise to $174.2 billion this year. That’s up 20% from last year, and spending is expected to soar to $235.1 billion by 2017 — triple the amount spent on in 2011.

Level the Playing Field

With all this meteoric growth, it’s no wonder that industry leaders like Amazon and others are expanding their cloud-based products and services. But how can your company compete without the same kind of global infrastructure and deep-pocket investments? That’s where we come in. At OMI, through our sister-company, Kick-Start Cloud Ventures, we help companies discover new ways to gain increased profit and performance without the big capital investments that limit emerging companies from cashing in on the cloud. Our service model allows our partners to immediately benefit from an existing deployment infrastructure, innovative service delivery models, and a proven application development framework.

Put Your Business in the Cloud

It’s time to put your business in the cloud. With a new generation of consumers combining mobile, social and cloud technologies it is important to stay connected and informed, and have the ability to quickly analyze, understand and act on each new trend in the market. Kick-Start is a new way of working that allows our partners to focus on creating business value while ensuring expert cloud development and execution. We have over 15 years of experience developing and delivering software platforms in the cloud. Our success is built on the premise of small capital expenditure, fixed operational costs and shared revenue as services gain momentum in the market. Find out more today about how we can help you get your head…and your business…in the cloud.

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