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Organizations are looking for ways to leverage existing supplier, customer and lead data residing in ERP, CRM and Marketing Automation systems to gain competitive advantages in the markets they serve.

Orchestrating critical data between disparate applications, software and cloud eco-systems are a daunting requirement. Establishing new cloud-based services often requires large capital investments that limit emerging or old guard companies from cashing in on the cloud. Delays in development and mismanaged deployment often douse the ability to effectively compete.

A new breed of providers are emerging to offer an eco-system of cloud application developers and services providers focused on research, development, monetization and execution of technology that drives the new cloud economy. Organizations benefit through these consortiums by utilizing existing deployment of infrastructure, innovative service delivery models and modern application development frameworks.

With hundreds of integrations associated with CRM, Salesforce and other cloud marketplaces, this new breed of Salesforce & CRM Practice Group is redefining the application and service delivery landscape.

Creating a partnership in success model increases the organizations potential of creating disruptive cloud services, decreases the need of large capital investments and eliminates risks associated with late to market adoption.

Whether you are a recently funded venture, a maturing service provider, or an existing established brand, engaging the right Salesforce & CRM Practice Group can mean the difference in survival or success associated with execution and monetization of new business models effecting sales and marketing initiatives.


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