Document Strategy Podcast Interview Brad Banyas about CloudCCM

“The world is moving to a state where it is important to engage with your customers anywhere and everywhere.”  This is according to Cloud CCM expert, Brad Banyas in the new episode of the Document Strategy Podcast.  The internet broadcast hosted by document strategy expert and author, Kevin Craine, has listeners worldwide and features interviews with thought leaders about innovative technologies and techniques that improve customer communications.  OMI founder and CEO, Brad Banyas discusses cloud- based customer communications management in the latest episode.
“Cloud CCM allows you to take content and context that traditionally might have gone to a customer in a printed piece and instead deliver that where your customers are most engaged,” says Banyas. “That could be through an online customer-facing portal or could be through email, social media or mobile. The idea is to push relevant content to customers where ever they are most engaged.”
In the interview, Banyas explains that cloud-based customer communications management helps companies save money on paper, processing and postage, but also brings significantly increased control over the messaging, the content and the delivery of critical communications. “Companies are often focused on acquiring new customers, but it costs 6-7 times more to get a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. Cloud CCM provides a unique opportunity to connect with customers in ways that extend the brand experience and leverage the existing relationship for improved revenue from your existing customer base.”

Know Your Customer

Banyas says that moving to cloud-based customer communications can improve strategic marketing and campaign efforts. “Companies using Cloud CCM are really getting a better view of their customers and how they are engaging. You have one place for aggregated communications, both outbound and inbound, to view and analyze what kind of content is resonating and what customer interests are. This can really make the most of limited advertising dollars while providing a powerful tool to better know your customer.”

Increased Degree of Visibility

OMI’s new Cloud CCM platform, 366 Degrees, was discussed on the show with Banyas explaining how companies are using the platform to manage multi-channel customer communications. “What 366 Degrees does is allow those parties involved in the communication on behalf of the brand to put 366 Degrees as a destination service, much like how Box has done, and this gives companies an increased vision of which communications are actually connecting with and engaging with customers.”

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