Top Strategies for Multi-Channel Adoption

Are you still printing and mailing thousands of pages of customer correspondence every month despite having an electronic solution? Without a well-defined strategy to drive paperless adoption, you may find that you continue to struggle with managing the burden of paper-bound communications.

It’s important to move to multi-channel customer communications. But how can you encourage your customers to move to digital alternatives? Here are some strategies and best practices you can use to increase adoption rates, improve communications, and maximize the value of your strategic efforts.

New Accounts

It makes sense to start your multi-channel initiative with all your new accounts. Since you’re starting a new customer relationship, now is the time to set the expectation of a digital standard. Flag all new accounts and set the default in your system for only electronic communications. Remember, while you’re encouraging customers to go digital, be sure to provide an option to go back to paper correspondence if they wish. In this case, you may want to consider charging a fee for the paper. You may also consider designing new products that minimize or eliminate fees by virtue of going digital.


The gentlest approach for existing accounts is voluntary opt-in. But, asking customers to proactively choose paperless requires proactive marketing on your part. This strategy starts with a thoughtful effort to build awareness. Are your customers even aware they have an option to opt-out of paper in favor of a multi-channel alternative? What kind of incentives are they given to do so? Does the customer experience, both online and in person, encourage them to go multi-channel?

Make Enrollment Easy

It is important to make it easy for your customers to enroll in a paperless alternative. 366 Degrees cloud services provide single sign-on and seamless integration to billing and transaction platforms. But best of all, it’s a simple enrollment process, and easy for customers who want to go digital, to do so, with just one click. For organizations, managing enrollment through this automated feature has the added benefit of providing a quick and easy way to track the effectiveness of paperless initiatives.

Reverse Opt-In

Unlike the voluntary method, reverse opt-in is a hard line approach to raise electronic adoption. Turning off printed statements, bills, renewals, and notices at a pre-defined future date, for example, is an effective, but potentially risky strategy. It’s important to work diligently to communicate to all your customers, well in advance, so they are aware of the pending change. It is also important to provide a way to opt back-in to receive printed communications, but you may want to consider charging a fee for the service.

Online Customers

Many organizations find going paperless is a great way to “be green” and “save green” at the same time. Often, there is positive attention paid to organizations that are “going green”, and that resonates with customers. Make your customers part of the experience by promoting the “green” aspects of your efforts and how they can help the paperless cause.

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