15 Top Dynamics 365 Tools and Integrations in 2022

Microsoft Dynamics is an extremely popular CRM platform, utilized by companies of various sizes and in different industry domains. Just like any customer relationship management software, Dynamics 365 is aimed at streamlining both your internal and external processes, thus enhancing productivity. But just like with pretty much any CRM system available on the market, your typical out-of-the-box solution will not carry you very far.


Any good CRM system sits at the center of your IT infrastructure, connected to an entire array of business applications, allowing you to perform numerous activities while keeping synced with databases as well as providing unified real-time data availability.


So, what apps should you utilize in tandem with Dynamics 365? We have prepared a list of some great applications for various business areas that you can use to take your efficiency with a CRM system to a whole new level.

Dynamics 365 Reporting Tools

Power BI

Power BI is a robust business intelligence platform that helps you analyze and visualize data through customizable dashboards and predictive analytics features. Power BI provides your team with useful insights into business performance on many levels, from everyday tasks to complex annual financial reports and forecasts.


With its inbuilt Big Data tools, the BI software can identify hidden patterns from aggregated databases. Its other advantage lies in its native integration with Microsoft Office Excel as well as extreme customization.


Regardless of the business model that you incorporate or industry domain in which you operate, Power BI can be configured to work well with your database. You can build dashboards that will be entirely unique for your organization and will help you gain a better understanding of your company’s performance and make data-driven decisions.


Atlas is a product by Insightsoftware, built specifically to create stellar financial and operational Microsoft Dynamics reports right inside Excel.


The main advantage of Atlas is its simplicity and the ability to create complex reports very fast. The friendly user interface of the software makes bringing together and making sense of all these disparate data sources seem as not such a big deal after all.


The advanced integration between Dynamics 365 and Atlas allows you to design, build, and share real-time reports. In addition, Atlas can further be integrated with Power BI. Although Atlas has its customizable dashboard functionality, it’s further enhanced by combining the two platforms, creating a true powerhouse.


Atlas indeed allows businesses to automate immense amounts of work as well as eliminate manually intensive and time-consuming tasks. Of course, the software truly shows its strong sides in the creation of financial reports. So if you are looking for advanced reporting software that can be integrated with Dynamics 365 and bring data right into Excel, then Atlas is your choice.

Dynamics CRM 365 Workflow Tools

Organization Insights by Microsoft

If you are looking for an application that lets you get real-time visibility into how your staff is using your CRM, then you might want to take a closer look at Organization Insights. The solution enables you to view key usability metrics such as activity, and quality of service.


The data from Operational Insights lets you see major pain points in software adoption and user activity. You can use the software to identify and improve upon certain business aspects in the internal workflow. Additionally, you get a full set of simple yet effective troubleshooting instruments.


Organization Insights is an excellent addition to any organization that perhaps struggles with optimizing its processes within sales and marketing departments or wishes to enhance them further. Either way, the application can be a great addition to your management team.

Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation by Microsoft is a full-scale solution built for managing your teams and delivering high-class project experience. The solution provides end-to-end capabilities to manage projects and optimize resources, while at the same time being able to increase productivity.


The software comes in two packages:


  • Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, starting at $95 per user per month;
  • Customer Engagement Plan, for $115 per user per month.


The latter includes additional apps and integrations such as Field Service and Customer Service, for example. But even on its own, Project Service Automation allows you to gain visibility on project-based opportunities and engage directly with customers on quotes, proposals, and project scope.


All in all, Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is an excellent choice if you need a more comprehensive solution in the workflow and PM field. But it is worth remembering that packages such as Project Service Automation usually require flawless deployment and integration with existing IT assets at your company, so it is a good idea to reach out to Microsoft partners who can assist you in delivering such a project.

DocuSign for Dynamics

This is not the first time DocuSign makes an appearance on our lists. On the top level, the software provides just a single feature – quick and easy electronic signatures. However, at a closer look, it makes the daily workflow and approval process so much more comfortable and secure. With DocuSign you can get on with business in a matter of just a single click.


DocuSign for Dynamics CRM is built so that you can route all the necessary documents to the people you choose, allowing decision-makers to review and approve in just a minute and in a fully digital format.

Dynamics CRM Sales Tools

Microsoft Relationship Sales Package

If you are looking to empower your sales team and gain more insights into your customers’ behavior and needs, then you might want to take a look at the Sales Package. At its very core, the solution is not so different from any other module for CRMs such as Salesforce. It is a powerful automation software built to streamline the sales process and give your reps the resources necessary to identify the best prospects. Just like any other CRM solution, it syncs relevant relationship data across systems and keeps track of buyers and their needs. So why is it on the list?


The main reason we had to include this particular product is due to Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn and exclusive native integration with a platform offered by Dynamics 365. Microsoft Relationship Sales Package provides a built-in LinkedIn Sales Navigator with a simple one-click integration between them.


Companies who’ve purchased this sales solution can extend their reach through the largest professional network in the world and transform and scale their organization by working smarter.

PowerDialer for Dynamics

On the other side, if you require a more specific application, then it might be worthwhile to check out PowerDialer. The application is an absolute must-have for any sales rep who uses Microsoft Dynamics.


Among all the features provided by the software, our favorites are definitely click-to-call and automated call logging. PowerDialer is based on breakthrough innovations in predictive sales communications. It provides your team with machine learning as well as automatic lead prioritization.


PowerDialer doesn’t reinvent the way you engage with a customer but enhances the long-trialed process with streamlined features that take many little routine tasks off the shoulders of your sales team by performing them automatically. The application is even used by teams at Microsoft itself, as well as many other global enterprises like ADP, Market, and many others.

Versium Predict

Today, most companies don’t struggle with a lack of opportunities. There is a much more significant challenge that is a result of too much data and its incorrect interpretation. Too often sales reps approach a lead when he or she should’ve never even been considered a prospect, for a variety of reasons. As a result, your sales department wastes its valuable time on pointless tasks. Wouldn’t it be better if you could pull a list of potential customers and focus on high-value leads?


Well, as you might’ve guessed, with Versium Predict you can do precisely that. The application comes free with a Dynamics 365 subscription. Versium provides you with more than a trillion business and consumer attributes, and it gives you all the functionality necessary to identify and prioritize your prospects.


On top of that, Verisum Predict LifeData® gives you an entire database of new potential customers.

Dynamics CRM Marketing Tools

InsideView Marketing Suite

InsideView has many high-class products for sales teams, and now with the introduction of the Marketing Suite, you can align marketing with your sales operation and coordinate your lead generation efforts.


With the application, you’ll be able to enrich your contact data with more complete, up-to-date information as well as keep it in sync between the departments. InsideView can automatically clean your data and refresh contacts, so your marketing team will always target the right people at the right time.


On top of that, InsideView empowers you to create and share in the real-time highly customizable company and contact lists. You can use dozens of available search criteria and build your custom fields. The application’s features allow you to engage in highly efficient account-based marketing programs and target the most relevant leads with personalized campaigns.

Simple Marketing Hub

As the name implies, Simple Marketing Hub is a great Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration that offers an organized dashboard for managing and synchronizing marketing activities. In large-scale businesses, marketing workflows can be quite complex and unorganized due to multiple marketing campaigns, different KPIs, audience groups, and interactions with the customers. However, with Simple Marketing Hub, complex procedures such as marketing resource management, campaign management, audience management, and digital asset management are simplified.

Key Features

  • Get more clarity on marketing activities and measure campaign performance.
  • Identify redundant and unproductive tasks.
  • Brand’s global reputation management. 
  • reduce complexity and improve business operations effectiveness. 
  • Guided workflow processes with team collaboration.
  • Identify underperforming campaigns and save campaign cost

Marketing Calendar

A completely free application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, Marketing Calendar, is a straightforward yet highly helpful software that lives up to its name. Basically, it’s a customizable calendar for your day-to-day marketing activities.

With Marketing Calendar you can gain a full view of all your past, present and future marketing efforts on a single screen in a calendar view. Each entity (campaign) can be filled with data fully integrated with Dynamics 365 and easily adjusted through a drag and drop interface as well as color coded. What else can you wish for?

Microsoft Dynamics 356 Retail and Commerce Tools

LS First for Restaurants

LS First for Restaurants by LS Retail is an effective solution for restaurant owners that can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. LS First offers a complete restaurant management system that enables you to manage your entire restaurant operations including inventory, menus, seating arrangements, kitchen display routing, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Increase business efficiency by reducing manual work
  • Streamline the management process including stock, production, and menu.
  • Total control from Microsoft ERP.
  • Data-driven decisions from real-time data.
  • Easy integration with the POS system.
  • Improve customer service.

Fast Simon – Search, Filters, and Merchandising

Fast Simon is a Shopping Optimization Service that uses AI to offer online shoppers a great product search experience. This Microsoft Dynamics 365 tool offers various features such as instant search, merchandising, collection filters, personalization, and retail analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve conversion rates in online stores.

Key Features

  • Shopping Optimization features such as instant search and autocomplete
  • Refined search results and search filters. 
  • Product recommendations such as “similar products” or  “look-a-likes” to boost sales. 
  • SEO-friendly landing page creation
  • Complete mobile support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Tools

Jet Reports

Jet Reports is a financial reporting tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The tool offers fast and accurate data access through quick analytics, flexible reporting, and controlled budgeting. With complete data control and analysis, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve revenue and profits using Jet Reports for Dynamic 365.

Key Features

  • Quickly create financial reports within MS Excel.
  • Easy report building using data drag-and-drop data from any table
  • Eliminate errors and make accurate financial reports. 
  • Make accurate data-based decisions.
  • Internal and external report sharing.
  • Quick insights on finances.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project and Resource Management Tool

proRM Fast Start – Resource and Project Management

proRM Fast Start is a Resource Management and Project Management integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This Dynamics CRM 365 tool helps you track time and costs for each project activity and task and enables you to complete it easily quickly, and precisely. 


proRM can improve operations efficiency by providing a comprehensive report on time spent doing business tasks, and more importantly identifying inefficient work patterns to reduce administrative costs. 

Key Features

  • “proRM Tracking” enables employees to track working hours and expenses precisely.
  • “proRM Approval Manager” allows Project Managers to filter and monitor employee entries.
  • “proRM Gantt Chart” allows data visualization of the entire timeline of the projects from a single view. 
  • “proRM Invoicing Manager” offers various solutions to bill your customers and generate invoices quickly and accurately.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Services by OMI

Making the most out of the CRM system requires an extensive network of applications with the right applications and proper integrations. The outcome of an efficient CRM solution is a streamlined workflow, and therefore excellent customer experience.

If you want to explore more applications or feel like this particular list didn’t hit the nerve, you can always reach out to us at OMI. As a trusted Microsoft consulting partner, our team will go through your existing IT assets and develop an implementation strategy specifically crafted to suit your business needs.

OMI is a world-class solution provider when it comes to CRM integration, strategy development and platform deployment. Embrace digital transformation and reach new heights of productivity and success.