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366 Degrees by OMI White PaperIn the rush to gain new customers, companies often overlook their best customers…the ones they already have. While finding and attracting new customers is certainly fundamental to business success, managing and mining the relationship with current customers can uncover a degree of untapped revenue and growth that many businesses neglect. And since it costs up to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one, it’s simply sound strategic sense to look for ways to better manage, nurture and improve the relationships you have with your existing customers.

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Taking better care of existing customer relationships can also dramatically improve your ability to attract new customers. Indeed, the old axiom, word-of-mouth is the best advertising, is magnified in the age of social media. Whereas word-of-mouth was once limited to casual feedback over coffee or an informal chat at the office water cooler, customer experiences and perceptions are now shared worldwide amongst a multitude of social media outlets, blogs, chat rooms and product review sites. And what customers say online can have a significant and immediate impact on your brand equity. If it’s positive you win; gaining new customers can be ‘easy and free’. But if your company’s online reputation is poor: beware.

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Many vehicles exist to communicate with customers – mobile and social platforms, online customer-facing portals, paperless correspondence, and even traditional print – but companies often struggle to make the most of customer communications due to disparate pockets of technology, siloed people and processes, and a lack of a unified approach to customer communications management.

366° Degrees  by OMI changes all of that with a single cloud-based platform to manage all of your customer communications no matter what form they take.  You can easily do things like message personalization, target segmentation and in-depth campaign analytics; reach across communication channels in social media, mobile and online formats, sales outreach, then quickly analyze the effectiveness of those social connections. With our integrated print service, 366° Brand Direct? you can even take full control of your printed materials as well; the streamlined workflow creates customized marketing pieces at considerably reduced cost while you manage and improve all of your customer communications.

Communicating with customers is not as simple as it used to be and 366° Degrees? provides both the technology and the platform to make it easier and more effective. 366° Degrees?  encompasses three critical “flavors” of customer communications:

Transactional – improve the day-to-day transactions of your business

Marketing – boost customer relationships and reach new customers

Social – turn clients and customers into loyal “brand ambassadors


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