Microsoft Dynamics 365 Modules: Complete Overview and Their Benefits Across Various Industries

MS Dynamics 365 is an end-to-end solution for businesses operating across various industries. Since each industry has its own requirements, the Microsoft team has created a set of modules that address the problems and challenges of a specific business. In this article, we will tell you more about what these MS Dynamics 365 modules are and what benefits they deliver to business owners and their teams. We also highly recommend reading our complete guide on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What ERP and CRM Modules Are There?

MS Dynamics 365 modules’ list includes 8 modules that can be added to your CRM configuration depending on your business goals and needs. Let’s have a closer look at each module.

Finance and Operations

These are two of the most important Microsoft Dynamics ERP modules aimed to simplify financial processes and streamline operations across the organization. It offers a number of financial management tools, from accounting and budgeting to bank and asset management. The module helps to automate, streamline, and optimize all kinds of operations, improve financial management, decrease operational costs, and reduce financial risks. In-built real-time reporting also allows you to get valuable insights into your business state and make wise strategic decisions. The module is also widely used by manufacturing and supply chain management organizations and helps them to keep track of their entire business, from product and asset management to warehouse management and the final delivery process. 


In 2018, Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based ERP app that combines numerous features needed for small-to-midsize companies to lead a successful business. The app allows to connect teams via a single cloud platform and helps to increase the company’s financial visibility and performance. Also, one of the modules previously known as Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation has now become a part of Dynamics 365 Project Operations module.


MS Dynamics CRM sales module is applied to enable end-to-end sales management process all the way from lead generation and qualification to closing deals and final reporting. The module helps sales teams to collect and analyze sales data, automate repetitive tasks, and allows sales representatives to convert leads into sales more efficiently. MS Dynamics 365 sales module features include automation, AI-powered reporting, smart notification system, and much more. As a result, numerous repetitive tasks no longer need human interaction allowing salespeople to spend more time on reaching potential clients and increasing sales rates, as well as boosting their productivity. 

Customer Service

MS Dynamics 365 customer service module helps your teams to resolve customers’ issues faster and more efficiently and to successfully nurture your relationships with clients. As a result, you save valuable time both for your employees and clients, as well as increase customer satisfaction rates and loyalty. With the help of this module, customer service teams can deliver high-quality personalized services via different channels. Since the module is integrated into the CRM system, your customer support staff can create cases that require help from a specific specialist within the organization to address the issue to the right team member. All of the records related to customers’ issues and your solutions will be kept in the system.

Field Service

This mobile-friendly solution works as a single communication channel between the customer, on-site workers, and contractors and is used to provide customers with high-quality field services. It helps to assign the right tech specialists to specific problems, manage inventory and maintenance schedules, keep track of support and repair history, and much more. The module also helps to predict and prevent any issues that your customers might meet in the future, thus allowing your field service team to deliver proactive services your clients await.


MS Dynamics 365 marketing module is applied by companies to align their marketing strategy with key customers’ needs, thus giving your clients exactly what they want. The application helps to create and customize marketing campaigns across various channels and get valuable insights into their performance. It also automates repetitive tasks and reduces the risks of human error. Whether your company uses emails, cold-calling, or social media to reach out to your customers, the module has it all to help your marketing team to fulfill their task.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP modules for commerce (previously known as MS Dynamics for Retail) help brands deliver unique shopping experiences to their customers. At first, the module allows analyzing your clients’ behavior, habits, and needs. This data can be used to personalize your brand message and provide your customers only with relevant information. On the other hand, the module helps to keep control of inventory, view customer order history and order shipment records, and quickly respond to the changing clients’ preferences or market requirements. Whether your retail business has local shops or sells online, MS Dynamics has it all to help meet your customers’ demand.

Human Resources

HR and talent management modules help not only to find new talents and valuable staff members but also to keep them satisfied at their workplace. MS Dynamics allows streamline and optimize hiring processes, improve employee management, and support your team members’ professional growth within the organization.

Enable MS Dynamics 365 Solutions for Your Business!

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