What Salesforce Einstein AI Is And Why You Need It

What Salesforce Einstein AI Is And Why You Need It by OMI

What is Salesforce Einstein? As of 2024, this revolutionary AI-based product is still a prominent force in the CRM industry – and has been ever since its release in 2016. It amalgamates a spectrum of AI technologies, including sophisticated machine learning algorithms, natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, predictive analytics, and image recognition functionalities. And with that, it enables businesses to enhance their productivity and propel sustained growth.


But exactly does it work? In this article, we’ll look more closely at Salesforce Einstein AI, covering its advantages as well as the capabilities of each prominent subproduct it has spawned.

What is Salesforce Einstein AI?

Salesforce Einstein is an AI technology designed by Salesforce that uses machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics, and other AI techniques to analyze data, uncover insights, and automate tasks.


In the end, companies can improve their productivity, and get better client engagement, because the platform gives them tools to make predictions, spot trends in their data, and gain information that would be otherwise impossible to obtain using conventional techniques.

Einstein AI Benefits

Arguably the best benefits that AI offers in general are the time and efficiency gains that it brings to business processes. By automating and streamlining processes, it enables your staff to repurpose their time and resources for more strategic tasks. In addition, the automation of repetitive tasks – which are typically fatiguing – means you eliminate errors and improve efficiency in your operations. 


The platform also provides enhanced reporting capabilities that produce valuable insights to support decision-making, help you understand customer needs and preferences better, and put you in a position to easily identify opportunities.


From the customer’s perspective, this solution provides for a more meaningful, personalized experience with your brand. The platform’s superior NLP capabilities enable businesses to communicate with customers in natural, conversational ways. It also has machine learning features that help businesses make sense of customer behavior and preferences and ultimately deliver better experiences.

Salesforce Einstein AI Features

This platform is a feature-rich solution, with functionality that takes advantage of AI’s capabilities in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and image processing. The list would have included speech recognition, but Einstein Voice – analogous to Siri or Alexa – is being retired.


Let’s take a look at some of the most powerful features.

Natural Language Processing Features

By using the platform’s NLP capabilities, businesses can craft interactions with their customers that occur in natural conversational ways, rather than the robotic responses one would expect from computer-generated responses. Einstein Bots uses NLP algorithms to respond to customers and Einstein Reply Recommendations, which make real-time suggestions for the best way to respond to customer inquiries.

Lead & Opportunity Scoring

This tool assigns a score between 1 and 99 to each opportunity, reflecting the chances of success with that particular lead. This helps your sales teams focus on the best tasks by quickly being able to identify a likely win or escalate or pay more attention to those leads that are identified as being at risk of being lost. Users also get useful data on the aspects that contributed to each rating.

Image-based Features

Einstein Vision is a collection of powerful new APIs that gives developers the ability to quickly add picture recognition to CRMs and build AI-powered apps. This means companies can extend the functionality of the CRM by building deep learning models to analyze and classify photos in bulk. This might find applications in reading scanned documents to ensure regulatory compliance or conformity to company requirements. 

Einstein for Service

Service Cloud Einstein on multiple devices



The goal of a CRM is to improve the business’s relationship with its customers. With this mission in mind, the business’ front-line workers are arguably the service staff. Einstein for Service comes with features – Einstein Bots, and Einstein Reply Recommendations – that are meant to support your customer service teams by reducing the amount of time it takes to respond to customer inquiries and ensuring that the quality of the responses is good. This enhances the entire customer experience while lowering support-related costs.

Einstein Bots

These are virtual assistants designed to assist businesses scale up their ability to efficiently and effectively respond to customer inquiries. They are able to recognize specific customer questions and respond appropriately by leveraging AI capabilities. The Bots respond to client queries with personalized responses based on CRM data. Using this capability shortens the time it takes to respond to customer questions, improves the customer experience, and lightens the load on your service and customer support personnel.

Einstein Reply Recommendations

In real-time, this feature employs NLP algorithms to recommend the best responses to customer inquiries. Businesses can improve the customer experience in general and reduce response times by providing quick and accurate responses, which is critical for keeping customers happy and engaged.

Einstein Recommendation Builder

It is a tool designed to improve customer interactions by analyzing extensive datasets and providing smart, tailored recommendations to the customer service team. Additionally, the automation capabilities of the Recommendation Builder streamline service operations, allowing agents to focus their efforts on more complex tasks while ensuring consistent and efficient customer support. 

Einstein for Sales

Sales Cloud Einstein



Einstein for Sales comes with a number of features designed specifically to assist sales teams in increasing productivity and closing more deals. Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring rates lead and opportunities using ML algorithms, and Einstein Account & Opportunity Insights provides useful information about the specific account and opportunity trends and behaviors.

Einstein Lead & Opportunity Scoring

This is a machine learning-based feature that scores leads and opportunities based on their likelihood to convert. With this data available, sales teams can identify which opportunities to focus their efforts on, and thus work more efficiently. 

Einstein Account & Opportunity Insights

This tool provides insights into account and opportunity trends and behaviors, allowing sales teams to make more informed decisions and close more deals. Sales teams can use this data to identify new opportunities, improve their win rate, and boost overall productivity.

Call Summaries

Through advanced transcription and analysis capabilities, this tool generates comprehensive summaries that highlight crucial aspects of the call such as key discussion points, customer sentiments, and identified pain points. Call Summaries also enable sales managers to monitor team performance and refine sales tactics for improved effectiveness. 

Buyer Assistant

Buyer Assistant uses machine learning algorithms to read customer data and provide actionable insights – identifying key decision-makers, understanding their buying preferences, and predicting optimal engagement times for maximum impact. It also has natural language processing capabilities which help teams interpret customer interactions to craft more compelling emails. 

Einstein Forecasting

Salesforce Einstein Forecasting provides sales managers with highly accurate predictions of future sales performance. They are not only based on past patterns but also dynamically adapt to changes in the sales environment, ensuring up-to-date and reliable insights. 

Einstein for Commerce

The platform also offers Einstein Recommendations and Einstein Search Dictionaries, features designed to assist commerce teams provide more personalized shopping experiences and increase sales.

Einstein Recommendations

This solution is an ML-based feature that uses algorithms to recommend products and services to customers based on their shopping behavior and preferences. This not only improves the shopping experience for customers, but it also helps commerce teams increase sales and boost revenue.

Einstein Search Dictionaries

Businesses can take advantage of this feature to automatically identify connections between search terms and prescribe which synonym list to attach them to. It can also analyze data across the Commerce Cloud platform to identify relationships between search terms. This functionality provides more accurate search results for customers, improving the overall shopping experience and making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. 

Commerce Insights

By delving into customer behaviors, purchase patterns, and market trends, Commerce Insights offers targeted recommendations to optimize product offerings and marketing strategies. On top of delivering comprehensive reports and visualizations, it predicts future trends and mitigates potential risks.

Product Recommendations

This feature is capable of analyzing a wealth of data including purchase history, browsing behavior, and demographic information to intelligently predict relevant products. Furthermore, it can be dynamically adjusted based on real-time data insights, not just past orders. 

Product Description Generator

The Product Description Generator is a sophisticated feature that uses NLP algorithms to automatically generate unique descriptions for each product in the inventory. It draws insights from product attributes and customer reviews to ensure that descriptions will resonate with the target audience and effectively communicate the value proposition of the product. 

Einstein for Marketing

Einstein for Marketing



Marketing teams can also use a range of features for better customer engagement and more personalized experiences – Einstein Engagement Scoring, and Einstein Messaging Insights.

Einstein Engagement Scoring

This is another ML-based scoring tool that helps marketing teams to identify which campaigns most effectively create customer engagement. The doctor produced by Einstein engagement scoring then feeds future marketing drives in order to get better results. 

Einstein Messaging Insights

This functionality provides marketers with critical messaging statistics such as open and click-through rates, delivery times, and more. Marketers may use this data to improve their messaging strategy, increase customer engagement, and achieve improved outcomes.

Marketing Insights

By scrutinizing customer behavior and campaign performance this feature provides marketers with recommendations to optimize marketing strategies. Through detailed analysis of engagement metrics, conversion rates, and audience segmentation, marketers can gain granular insights into campaign effectiveness and audience preferences. 

Einstein Segmentation

It enables marketers to segment their audience based on a multitude of factors, including demographics, behaviors, and past interactions. With these, marketers can create highly targeted campaigns that can resonate with specific audience segments, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates.

Content Tagging

Content Tagging enhances content management efficiency through automated categorization and analysis of marketing assets. It evaluates the content of images, videos, and text, assigning relevant tags based on context, themes, and key attributes. By systematically tagging content with descriptive keywords and metadata, marketers can effortlessly classify and retrieve assets, facilitating seamless content reuse.

Campaign Insights

This feature provides marketers with actionable intelligence to enhance campaign performance – it offers detailed insights into key metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and ROI. Additionally, Campaign Insights offers granular segmentation capabilities, enabling marketers to target specific audience segments with tailored messaging for maximum impact. 

Social Insights

Social Insights provides detailed metrics on engagement rates, audience demographics, and sentiment analysis across various social media platforms. Marketers can gain insights into trending topics, viral content, and competitor strategies, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their social media campaigns effectively.

Einstein for Analytics

Einstein Analytics Features



Einstein Analytics enhances one of the most important features of CRMs: reporting. It gives marketers powerful reporting tools which feature capabilities for forecasting and tools for data visualization for a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences, and in turn, enhance targeting tactics.

Einstein Discovery

This is a feature that uses NLP algorithms to assist marketers in analyzing consumer behavior and preferences. This application can analyze massive amounts of consumer data, customer chats, and interactions to reveal useful insights that marketing teams can use as inputs for their marketing strategies, finding new ways to improve customer engagement.

Salesforce Einstein AI Pricing

Costs vary depending on the features and capabilities required. Pricing starts at $50 per user per month, but the cost may rise based on the features and capabilities you require, as well as the size of your firm.

Salesforce Einstein AI Challenges

While Salesforce Einstein AI provides numerous significant benefits and tools, there are some issues that enterprises should be aware of when utilizing the platform. For example, properly integrating Einstein AI into your existing Salesforce infrastructure may need time and money. You may also need to invest in specialist training for your personnel in order for them to get the most out of the platform.

How to Prepare for Salesforce Einstein AI Integration

Using an implementation partner like OMI is a dependable way to ensure that your integration is flawless and that you receive the necessary support throughout the process. 


Your implementation partner will have the experience to help you properly and thoroughly assess your current Salesforce setup and determine which precise capabilities you require in preparation for the Salesforce Einstein AI integration.


They will also provide you with valuable insight and advice on the best implementation plan based on their experience. This will assist you in allocating appropriate resources, such as staff and funds, as well as in setting realistic objectives and timetables.


Salesforce Einstein AI is a cutting-edge platform with a proven ability to transform the way businesses operate, mainly thanks to:


  • Comprehensive AI Capabilities: Salesforce Einstein AI incorporates a range of AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and image recognition. These empower businesses to analyze vast amounts of data, derive actionable insights, and automate processes with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.
  • Solutions for Various Departments: The platform offers solutions for different departments, addressing their specific challenges. For sales teams, features like Lead & Opportunity Scoring and Call Summaries enable more targeted and effective sales strategies. Customer service teams benefit from tools like Einstein Bots and Einstein Reply Recommendations, which streamline customer interactions and enhance overall satisfaction.
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: One of the standout features of Salesforce Einstein AI is its ability to deliver personalized customer experiences. Through advanced NLP algorithms, teams can engage with customers in natural, conversational ways. Additionally, features like Einstein Recommendations and Content Tagging enable commerce teams to provide tailored product suggestions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Marketing teams can leverage tools like Einstein Engagement Scoring and Marketing Insights to optimize campaigns and maximize customer engagement. Similarly, Einstein Forecasting provides sales managers with accurate predictions of future sales performance, facilitating more informed strategic planning.

With the right partner (like OMI), the integration and implementation process is going to be as seamless as possible – and Salesforce Einstein AI will certainly prove a worthwhile investment for companies wanting to stay competitive.

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